Manual business processes can be costly. Your company may be losing money to the extent your processes remain fragmentary, uncoordinated, or tied to paper transactions.   A LucraWeb e-Infrastructure solution can help your company profit in the following ways:

  • By aligning IT initiatives with strategic business goals
  • By streamlining information flow to managers and employees
  • Through improved decision-making
  • Through eliminating redundant data collection and processing
  • By reducing costly error rates
  • By avoiding the need to hire additional administrative staff
  • Through shorter cycle times
  • Through quicker response rates
  • Through increased customer satisfaction
  • By exploiting missed opportunities to identify customer needs and build loyalty
  • By heightening transparency and facilitating regulatory compliance

The productivity dividends your LucraWeb engagement will yield vary with the scope and complexity of your operations, and the degree to which you are already leveraging digital infrastructure. A white paper by Rajiv D. Banker and Indranil R. Bardhan from the University of California at Riverside and the University of Texas at Dallas estimates first-year cost savings and productivity gains to be $100,000 to $1,000,000, depending on the company size and the breadth of the solution.  

LucraWeb can help your organization achieve substantial cost savings, process efficiencies, and output improvements. Tell us about your challenges.